Monday, July 30, 2012

Government Grants for Education Majors

Many times, when we are thinking about the professions we would like to take on, very few of us would think of education. This has, therefore, left the government with very few teachers and very many students. The ratio between teachers and students is not balanced, which also affects the quality of education today. This is because; if students are more than teachers, they are not able to get personalized attention from teachers, thus affecting learning. Personalized attention from teachers is important, because students each have different learning capabilities; such that some learn faster than others. Therefore, different teaching skills are required for different students, which is not possible with the shortage of teachers today.

The government has tried to encourage students to join the teaching profession, by awarding free government grants to education majors. These grants are awarded to education students who will, therefore, qualify as teachers upon graduation. The government awards these grants both directly and indirectly. Indirectly, they are awarded through the Department of Education and the different colleges. Education majors are, therefore, able to get free college grants to help them cover their education expenses.

These kinds of grants were created by Congress in 2007, as a means of ensuring that the shortage of teachers is overcome. At the time of creation of the TEACH grants, Congress also enacted the College Cost Reduction and Access Act.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Online Stats Affect Higher Education Marketing

Almost everyone involved in promoting higher education is aware that the Internet has drastically changed marketing, advertising, and recruiting. Admissions offices are aware that they need to be more actively using social media, financial aid offices offer online applications, and many recruiters utilize online blogs to communicate useful information to prospective students. However, though education administrators have a general awareness of the pervasiveness of the Internet and social media, they are often surprised to hear the actual statistics.

Online statistics provide useful information when it comes to the marketing of higher education. It is one thing to say that you know that the college-age demographic is online a lot and another to know that 91% of all mobile Internet access is to social networking sites. If an administrator thinks of YouTube as a site where teens go to watch music videos, it will never be used as a marketing strategy. However, that same administrator might be compelled to finance a video about the school's acceptance rate into post-graduate programs upon learning that 200 million YouTube views occur on mobile devices every day. A director of an admissions office at a higher education institution may not know the difference between a tweet and a status update, but may still be willing to approve Twitter accounts for all admission counselors because there are more than 30 million tweets on Twitter per day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Check The Accreditation Of An Online College

Distant education is becoming more and more popular these days. It may be because people have come to realize the advantages of online education. Nowadays there are also countless colleges and universities that are offering online programs. So, how do you know which of the countless online colleges and universities are accredited? It is very important that you check the accreditation of an online college or university before you enroll to any of the schools to avoid wasting your money and time.

Perhaps you might be thinking, "what makes distance learning more attractive to many students?" The fact that one can go to school and at the same time work is already a great benefit for any student. This is especially true to students who have kids to attend to and to individuals who are poor and have to work in order to support his schooling. Another great advantage of enrolling in an online college is that you get the chance to study in virtually any school that you desire. There is no such thing as distance barrier when it comes to distance learning.

The only downside to online learning is that one should be more initiative, determined and diligent enough in order to pass his schooling. If a person lacks the determination or drive to study he may not be able to finish what he started. Many students do not succeed in distance learning because they lose interest. Keep in mind that online learning is far different from conventional education in the sense that you have no classmates to talk to or to inspire or encourage you in your studies.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looking for Online Psychology Continuing Education?

Searching online for an online psychology continuing education course can be simple. Very quickly, you will see that there are hundreds of institutions looking to offer you course work online. Browse through some of the top sites, taking the time to check for quality. You can be assured of the institutions quality by checking their approvals. Most legitimate companies will post their approvals publicly. Check for an approval from the American Psychological Association. You may also want to check for state board approvals as well. If the company doesn't post their approvals that could be a red flag that they are not a good place for your business.

Finding an online course is easy. Search for the necessary credit you need. You should be able to find multiple institutions that can provide you with quality online psychology continuing education course work in many categories. There is a class for every subject and topic and generally finding it is only a quick search away. You may know ahead of time what topic or type of course you are looking for. This could help you narrow down your search as there are likely to be thousands of courses available.

Once you've got the right class, look for the type of experience it provides. For the ultimate online experience, look for a web based reading course. These courses are all based on the computer and are meant for all types of computer users, even beginner. Once you have selected a web based reading course, you will be taken through the process of registration. The company will need to know your billing information and perhaps your education credentials. You'll also need to give an email address so you can receive information about the class. Once you've completed the registration and submitted the information, you will be emailed reading materials and course work necessary for the class.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Educational Games For Teachers And Parents

Education is one of the most important aspects of our society, and our very future depends on it. But while there's no way to argue that point, there are plenty of theories on the best way to improve the educational process. For many, adding games into the mix ensures that children are stimulated, challenged, and entertained by the learning process. Luckily, there are plenty of free educational games that can be added to a classroom or home setting to help boost the learning of a child or children. From printables to free downloadable games, there are numerous options to select from.

Very small children learn best from games and from interactive worksheets. Printables like coloring pages and free educational posters allow children to draw, color, and practice their skills like writing and reading and are much easier than trying to keep their attention focused on a blackboard all day long. There may even be cut and paste activities or other options, so be sure you take the time to review everything offered when you're looking for free educational games. Most activities will be sorted according to subject and grade level, making it easier than ever to get the right ones for your children.

Of course, there are plenty of free downloadable games as well as online ones that your little ones can enjoy. You'll be able to find free learning games that cover every subject for nearly all grade levels - especially younger children. From learning to count to learning to read, free educational games can be deceptively simple in nature but provide the type of learning that children need to be engaged on a mental level. Learning today is so much more than just keeping your nose in a book and copying from it, and these games prove that with every single use.